Welcome to EriezClan

Homestyle Boarding

Eriez Clans offers a unique boarding experience. We are your dog’s home away from home.

Day Care Service

Our day care services are designed to improve your dog’s quality of life in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Eriez Clan is a Toronto based dog walking and home style boarding service, focused on the thriving Liberty Village neighborhood. We aim to improve the health and well being  of your dog by offering enriching dog walks and never ending fun with our boarding services.

With over 13 years of experience in handling large/giant breeds of all temperaments, we welcome dogs of all personalities and energy levels.

Our team believes that the lives of dogs are precious and we treat each as our own. Eriez Clan offers a variety of walking and boarding services and puppy visits.

Our dog walkers are Canine First Aid certified and carry first aid kids on the walks.

Our Professional Services

We provide a range of quality dog care services that meet all your expectations.

Private Dog Walks
$ 21/ 30 mins

Pack Walks
$ 17.50/ 60 mins

Weekend Run
$ 120/ 4 hrs

$ 75/ day

$ 65/ full day
$40/ half day

$ 95/ 50 mins session
$ 475/ 6 sessions package

Medication Visit
$ 12

Vet Visits
$ 35/ with stay
$ 20/ drop off and pick up


Dog obedience involves a series of different commands to establish control of your pet.

Why choose us

We guarantee peace of mind to our clients, giving them the confidence that their dog has been cared for and walked.

    Just like you, your dog needs a healthy amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins for its adequate upkeep, ensuring a long life for your dog. We can create recipes to provide optimal nutrition for your dog while keeping any medical conditions or allergies into consideration. Whats more, we work together with your veterinarian to provide your dog with healthy and a balanced diet in conjunction with your dog’s health.

    Every living creature requires an essential sense of safety and wellbeing. That’s precisely what we provide your dog through our services. Whether it is a fun-filled walk, puppy visits, healthy nutrition, or daycare services, your pet’s wellbeing and safety are always our top priorities.

    While you may love your dog, but you might not be able to provide the same care or attention as we can. Don’t worry. Our Home-Like Shelter offers a safe environment for your furry fellow so that he feels just like home. Your busy schedules may not be ideal for your dog, but we can assure you our facility is, and your dog can have just as much fun here as he does with you at home.

    Every living being deserves freedom. Keeping your dog enclosed in the four walls of your home can sometimes harm your dog’s health. Let your dog be free with our dog walking and boarding services. The exceptional care we provide fosters confidence, happiness, and freedom in your dog. Don’t worry if you are away for a few hours or days, your dog will be taken care of just the way you want